Keep watch over NoKor leader Kim : President Duterte to Australian Navy

President Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday reiterated his warning of the dire consequences of a nuclear conflict North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s threats—this time in front of Australian sailors.

Duterte during his visit to the Her Majesty Australian Ship Adelaide docked at the Port of Manila said that the Philippines and Australia, as well as their other allies, should stay together in case of any nuclear fallout.

“That is why we reiterate our full support with our Australian friends, Americans, and even Chinese, Malaysian, all, to show to this one guy that he has to stop threatening the world. Because he runs the risk of being destroyed first,” Duterte said.

“China appears to be the only monkey wrench in the violent plans of Kim Un—Un Ju—I can’t even pronounce the… stupid name. You have to keep watch over him. And it is always good to be prepared,” he added.

Duterte visited the Royal Australian Navy’s largest ship amid light rain on Tuesday afternoon to take a look at the vessel’s medical facility, flight deck, and bridge and flight control office.