Saab Magalona to Pres. Duterte supporters: ‘You will not silence me’

It’s been a bloody two weeks, what with the deaths of Kian and Carl crowding the headlines. On Twitter, Cheats vocalist and daughter of Francis M, Saab Magalona couldn’t help but air out her thoughts.

Reacting to PNP Chief Ronald Bato dela Rosa’s statement about how he never received any orders to kill from the president, the young Magalona tweeted various headlines quoting the president saying otherwise.

Her September 4 tweet quickly garnered attention, from both the supporters of administration and critics of it. Some said the president was only misquoted by the mainstream media, others agreed with Magalona, while still others, spewed hate her way.

Her receipts clearly shook a few individuals.

The following day, September 5,  Magalona tweeted something of a prayer — “Lord give me strength,” it read in part — while attaching more receipts (read: screen caps) of tweets she received.

She quickly followed it up with a sensible question: “Shall we ignore the other headlines? Lahat nalang joke. KADIRI.”

And then: “Duterte supporters can send me insults, death threats, rape wishes all they want. More reason for me to call this admin gross.”

Both tweets garnered over 400 retweets, over 300 replies, and over 3000 likes.

She ended her pronouncements with: “You will not silence me”. Engagements to the tweet is still counting.

Last year, Agot Isidro called President Duterte ‘a psychopath’, earning the ire and hate of his very many supporters. But while the president said the actress has the right to speak out, Agot continues to be on the receiving end of a lot of negative propaganda for speaking her mind.

We reached out to Saab to learn more about how she’s dealing with this, but in the mean time, kudos to people who continue to bravely speak up, despite all the scary threats going their way.